About Us

Who We Are

Desert View Baptist Church was established in 1979. Since that time, DVBC has faithfully ministered to the communities of Sahuarita & Green Valley. We have remained true to the Word of God, to Jesus Christ, and to mission work around the world!

God has given us a ministry focused upon His Word and a challenge to live out His Word through our lives. Our motto is “Majoring in Bible.” Preaching verse by verse, chapter by chapter, and book by book has given much insight for direction, exhortation, and victory in our lives. We have a family atmosphere, with activities and classes for all ages. It is our prayer that you would become an active part of this body of Christ!

You are always welcome at Desert View Baptist Church!

What We Believe

DVBC holds firm to those things which are associated with the “Old-Time Religion” of years gone by. We believe the Bible clearly teaches:

  • The Verbal Inspiration of Scripture
  • The Doctrine of the Trinity
  • The Virgin Birth of Christ
  • The Deity of Christ
  • The Necessity of Christ’s Blood
  • The Death, Burial, and Bodily Resurrection of Christ
  • All are sinners
  • Jesus is the Only Way to Salvation
  • Salvation is by Grace, Through Faith
  • Baptism by Immersion, Following Salvation
  • A Literal Heaven & A Literal Hell
  • The Pre-tribulational Rapture
  • The Premillenial Return of Christ